Dermatology and Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is a very effective surgical technique that has been known to treat cancer. It simply involves the progressive removal of layers of cancer-ridden skin until the only the cancer-free skin tissue remains. This surgical procedure is also referred to as Mohs micrographic surgery. A good dermatologist who specializes in Mohs procedures is recommended when you have skin cancer. See for help with Mohs surgery.

This surgical procedure can be carried out on outpatient basis by simply using a local anesthetic. It is no doubt a great improvement compared to local excision or standard surgery which simply involves the removal of the visible cancer tissue along with a small margin of some healthy tissue at one go. The best thing about Mohs surgery is that it not only greatly increases the probability of cure, but it also reduces any requirement for additional surgery or treatments.

How It Is Done

Being a very detailed technique that is very precise, this surgery involves the removal of the small layers of a patient’s skin sequentially. Every layer of the skin that is removed, is then thoroughly examined under a microscope until when the samples will show that the cancer is no more.

mohs surgeryAs long as cancer cells are seen on the tissue samples under a microscope, then a skin layer will be removed and examined until when the samples will show no more cancer cells. Every skin layer removed is referred to as a “level” while the term “clear” is used when no more cancer cells can be seen and therefore no additional levels are required. The wound that results after the surgery is further examined by the dermatologist to determine the best wound treatment and cosmetic result.

The Benefits

This surgical procedure is special because there is no chance that a tumor cluster can be missed thanks to the thorough examination of the tumor margins . Patients who undergo the procedure will of course have a better cancer-free skin. Common skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma, various kinds of melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma can be successfully treated.

Patients who experience recurrence of their skin cancer condition will also find this procedure very useful because no more recurrences will happen. This is also the recommended procedure for patients who want to preserve healthy tissue in sensitive areas of the body that have been infected such as the eyes, ears, mouth, hairline, genitals and feet. Cancers that have borders that are difficult to define can also be successfully treated, the same way that cancers of the aggressive or large nature can.

Many patients have successfully restored their healthy skin thanks to Mohs surgery. Cancerous conditions that would have otherwise never have been treated have been gotten rid off. However, dermatologists always advice patients to let their doctors know if they have any pre-existing conditions that might affect the treatment process. When not sure it is always important that the doctor performs various tests beforehand to establish this. This is to increase the chances of the surgery achieving its goal which is simply to rid the skin of all cancer cells.

Patients are also advised to go to qualified dermatologists for consultations and treatments to avoid any further problems. Mohs surgery remains a proven and effective method of treating the most common skin cancers.

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